Hey Mom, What’s for Dinner?!

Isn’t that the burning question on everyone’s mind every evening around 5:00 p.m.?  Or maybe the scenario is more like “What in the world am I going to make for dinner that these people will actually eat?!”  Either way, if you’d like some help in the meal planning department, this meeting is for YOU!  We will hear from dietitian Sarah Healy on healthy, kid-friendly (and mom-friendly) meal planning.  We’ve also got a couple other activities planned that will hopefully simplify the transition from talking about meal planning to becoming Mom: The Master Meal Planner!  Can’t wait to talk food with you gals on Friday!

Speaking of food, we will also continue collecting canned goods to support the Alpha Omega Mission Center of First Baptist Church, so grab a few at the store this week!

Also, this week we will shift each table one place so that you get a new view of the room. We will do this periodically so that those table groups at the back get a turn in the front seats 🙂  Be sure to look at the table number displayed in the center of the table before you claim your seat!

At MOPS, we like to celebrate our friends!  Here are the ladies celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in September:

Happy birthday…

Robin Poche

Naomi Karrels

Caitlin Chambers

Lynsey VanNevel

Happy anniversary…

Jessica Alford

Andrea Reese

Jess Zehr


MOPS Kids reminders:

*Please remember to label any items you bring for your child (cups, jacket, bag, etc).

*Please be sure to write down on the sign in sheet any special instructions for your child each time you check in.

*As you are able, please bring in a peanut-free snack to stock our MOPS Kids pantry (e.g. goldfish, teddy grahams, etc.).  You may leave these just outside your child’s room.

Got questions? Email mopsofnewnan@yahoo.com