Last meeting of the year


Ya’ll how did this happen? How are we already at the end of our Mops year? I’m not sure about you but I have grown so much this year in large part because of Mops. This year we have covered everything from feeding each other pudding while blindfolded to hearing a deeply personal testimony from one of our own mamas. We have had a lot of tears and even more laughs. As you reflect on this year I hope a smile comes to your face as your remember all the fun we’ve had!

Our last meeting will be this Friday, April 20th. It will be jam-packed with activities so please join us for lots of fun. There has been a little hesitation from some of the mamas to head downtown this Friday in light of Saturdays events. Please know we have consulted with FBC leaders and they do not have any concerns for safety. We will have our Spring Swap and annual fitness scavenger hunt. Our Spring Swap will be just like the one this fall. Bring any of your gently used items (children/women/men/household goods/toys) you no longer need. We will be donating all our unclaimed items to Elizabeth Thomas for a fundraiser yard sale her family will have to raise money for her son’s autism service dog. Please watch Facebook for info on how to further support this need.

The fitness scavenger hunt was a huge hit last spring so we decided to bring it back this year! Feel free to wear comfortable clothes…but don’t worry we aren’t running a 5k or anything 😉

Great news! Our spring fundraiser was a huge success! Thank you to all who participated. As a Mops group we tithed a percentage of what we made and donated it to RACE for the Orphans.

REMINDER ALERT: Mops&Pops banquet is May 4th from 6-8pm. This is one of the most fun and relaxing nights of the year for our mamas. I mean who would pass up an opportunity to have a hot dinner with your husband and friends, listen to a hilarious speaker and be kid free? This literally sounds like a dream come true for me! Tickets are $10/person. Will your husband be out-of-town or working that evening? Don’t worry! There will be plenty of mamas there who will be going stag. Melanie Dale is bound to bring you to tears from laughter so sign up today!

Summer Birthday/Anniversary Shout outs:


Heather Sewell (A)
Aaron McNeely (A)
Kemrey Kidd (B)
Kala Arrington (B)
Amber Gharapetian (A)

Maranda Wood (A)
Rebekah West (B & A)
Shauna Murphy (A)
Aaron McNeely (B)
Kemrey Kidd (A)
Sara Sloderbeck (B)
Michelle Baumann (B)
Katie Billingsby (A)
Amee Davison (A)
Robin Ervin (B)
Allison Herdic (A)
Chelsey Hicks (B)
Manda Hutchison (A)
Jenn MacKinnon (A)
Tiffanie Teel (B)
Laura Stockman (B)
Karen Slade (A)
Ashley Pelc (A)
Katie Morgan (A)
Roxie Magro (A)
Sara Sloderbeck (A)
Tiffany Bryant (B)
Amber Gharapetian (B)

Shauna Murphy (B)
Jaimie Moss (B)
Katie Morgan (B)
Joshulynn James (B)
Juliana Albracht (B & A)
Michelle Baumann (A)
Jenny Enderlin (B)
Robin Ervin (A)
Lauren Harp (A)
Manda Hutchison (B)
Dori Itzel (A)

Rachel Schory (A)
Jaimie Moss (A)
Angela Jarrell (B & A)
Cassie Jackson (B)
Katie Beese (A)
Christy Faircloth (A)
Allison Herdic (B)
Emily Ingold (A)
Dori Itzel (B)