Invest in Yourself


Are you looking for authentic, true relationships, based on who you are to connect to you and your family? What are you doing to seek out those relationships? You will or you won’t find them. Both statements are true, but you get to decide which truth you want.

As women, we have many people we are connected. Think about it. What relationships do you have? Who are you connected with?

  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Extended Family
  • In-Laws
  • Friends
  • MOPS [Moms, Leadership Team, Church Leaders]
  • God
  • Self [woman, mother, leader]

What is connecting you to these relationships?

  • Parents – Life long bond? Memories?
  • Siblings – Holidays? Phone Conversations? Sharing photos?
  • Spouse – Date nights? Children? Family dinner?
  • Children – Their need for you? Their friends?
  • Extended Family – Christmas cards? Pop-In Visits?
  • In-Laws – A babysitter? Advice giver?
  • Friends – Emotional support? Coffee? Girls’ night or weekend away?
  • MOPS
    • Moms – Pray for moms. Those at your table, in your group and the moms in your community.
    • Leadership Team – How do you communicate on a regular basis? Email? Phone calls? Facebook? Face to Face meetings?
    • Church leaders – How do you connect with them?
  • God – We often get too busy connecting with everyone above that we forget to plug into God. Spend time in His word, fellowship with like-minded people, worship, church and volunteering your time.
  • Self – Do you know who you are?

When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another and ourselves. ~Jack Kornfield

Today, stop. Invest in yourself by answering these questions, choosing your truth, and making a decision about an avenue towards the relationships you desire! Consider MOPS of Newnan as one of your avenues because we are committed to cultivating relationships that will carry you through parenting and beyond.

Here at MOPS of Newnan, pre-registration has it’s perks! As we count down the days to our first meeting (17 days away), we are preparing gifts and food, scheduling qualified and background checked caregivers for your kid(s) and so much more. Help us prepare for you and your littles by pre-registering today. Your experience will be much greater because you did.

Pre-Registration is OPEN here, click now, but don’t worry, you get two FREE visits before your membership fee is due. Have more questions before you pre-register? Email us today, and as you go through your day, remember… better moms make a better world!

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