So you’ve decided you want to join MOPS. Hooray! Now what?

2017-18 MOPS Registration Packet

Registration has two parts:

  1. Forms – Download and print the MOPS and MOPS Kids registration forms from the registration packet. You will need a MOPS Kids registration form for each child who will be attending with you.

  2. Fees – There are two options for paying local membership fees. You can pay in full for the whole year ($80), or by semester ($45 due in September and January). Please don’t let the fees discourage you from joining! Financial assistance is available, so please talk to our coordinator, Rachel Schory, if you want information about a scholarship.
    MOPS International now offers one-, two-, and three-year memberships!  Register with MOPS International online at and enter our group code PMDG.

Curious about what’s in the MOPS Welcome Kit this year?

  • A “Gutsy” banner to remind us what we’re capable of

  • An “All the Things” guidebook to help turn your year into a journey worth taking

  • A “Pursuit of Freedom” map with challenges to move us all toward freedom

  • Three super fun postcards to let a friend know you care

  • An **amazing** playlist made just for you on Spotify

  • A beaded bracelet with a hidden message

  • A “Free Indeed” sticker perfect for your phone case or favorite travel mug









Look for yours in the mail a few weeks after you join!